What is the process of house lifting in India

What is the process of house lifting in India? Is it safe or not?

Are you looking for best to best disadvantages of house lifting who is having experience team to lift your house with safe method by jacks technology. We are here to represent you with disadvantages of house lifting services provider who can help u to get best to best and safe house lifting method which will solve problem related to down level of your house.

What is the process of house lifting in India? Is it safe or not?- Are you confronting critical issues with your home? For example, you are low on space. Then certainly house lifting is a more alluring alternative. Then the way toward selling and moving or considering hiring a builder. Purposes behind lifting a house differ from person to person. But one thing is for sure if you opt to lift your house or building. Then it is really going to save you a lot.

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Is it safe to lift building and what are its pros and cons

It is absolutely safe to lift a building. Provided you have hired a professional to lift your building/house.


  1. You don’t have to leave your house where your sentiments are attached
  2. It will save costly furniture of your house from getting damaged from flood or rainwater
  3. It will create your biggest problem space in House. You will remain tension free. When your relatives will visit your house
  4. Last but not least it will help you save your hard-earned money. Above all, it will save the time that you will have to invest. If you are thinking to build a new house.


Literally there are no cons of Lifting your Building. However, it is also advisable to consult professionals of building lifting service provider. Otherwise, it may lead to breaks in the walls and roofs of the building.

Best Process of lifting the house in India

  1. First, the house is unearthed around to reach the foundation of the house
  2. Then the steel bars are put in underneath
  3. Then the house process to raise house starts. Using pressurized water utilizing the Jacking System
  4. The water-powered jacking system synchronizes the strain to the jacks
  5. So the entire structure will lift equitably without racking.
  6. In the event, if there is sufficient space around your home
  7. Then it can be moved out of its present site and
  8. Afterward moved back to its original site
  9. After the successful construction of the new foundation
  10. The house is then dropped down and
  11. The pillars pulled out from below the house

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