How can an entire house or building be raised without damaging it

How can an entire house or building be raised without damaging it

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How can an entire house or building be raised without damaging it: House raising is a way of isolating a structure from the base. And briefly raising it with water driven screw jacks. When a house is raised and upheld on jacks. At that point, another establishment developed underneath it. Other house raising advancements incorporate the Atlas House Lifting System. It is rising as an option in contrast to conventional jacking and shoring strategies. An electromechanical jacking system works in it. Most of the people remain in confusion about which house lifting services and technique is best. Above all, they are curious to know how the house lifting mechanism works. Here in this article, we will discuss it in detail.

Following is the mechanism of lifting a house

Raising a house is a tedious and dull procedure. But we love challenges. That’s why we are are a leader in the Building lifting services provider. Prior to beginning the genuine work, a basic examination of a house needs to be done.

  1. It helps in deciding the mass and soundness of the structure.
  2. Likewise, the testing of soil and material utilized for the development of foundation and walls
  3. Then the workers fire uncovering the topsoil under the eye of the civil engineer. In order to reach the foundation of the structure
  4. At that point, the procedure to isolate the house from the foundation and the walls start. Steel bars or jacks, manual or water-powered systems (Hydraulic jacks), are utilized to uniformly lift the house to an ideal level
  1. The whole house, including columns and docks, must be lifted equally vertically. In order to avoid any damage to the house
  1. A normal Indian house may require 300-400 jacks to lift and suspend the house in the air. It may decrease or increase depending on the complexity of the house.
  2. All this process may take one month to complete.
  3. Then the elevate house is connected with the pillars or walls. Depending on the choice of the client

If anyone follows this procedure exactly given here. Then it is our guarantee that there will be no damage to the house. To ensure this we have a team of highly qualified civil engineers specialized in house lifting.

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